Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tastes like Harvest to Me!

You can taste the sun in this Riesling.
As a wine dog, one of the things I love most is walking the vineyard.   See, I'm an omnivore so the world is my snack cabinet.  This time of year, closing in on harvest, there are so many things to eat it's tough to put my attention to any one thing.   I'll spot a juice plumb on the ground, then succumb to the distraction of a mouse scurrying down the vine row.  No sooner do I snatch him up by the tail and the smell of ripening grapes catches my nose.  Honestly, I'm all over the place.

Today I tasted the Pinot Noir and it is delicious.  Sugars are just about right so I expect the wine man to bring them in any day.  Now, don't get all riled up about me eating grapes.  First, there are plenty of grape seeds in the coyote scat and they seem pretty healthy to me.  Second, I don't eat many - just a nick here and there to make sure they taste good.  And, finally, there are plenty for you this year, so  no worries.  Unlike 2010 where we lost the whole crop and 2011 where is was thin, this year looks like a bumper yield and high quality too.  I've tasted it, so I know for sure.  Now don't you feel better.

walking trail along
the upper vineyard, cloaked
in apple trees.

I've heard that in Italy they call the fall season around harvest "Vendemmia."  I don't speak Italian but I call harvest "yummy time."  Gotta go... I see some rotten apples on the ground and you know what that means... deer run!  Woof!

My world is full of feet... hahaha.
Deer will come by for these apples later.

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