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What would you pair with a Fine Oregon Pinot Noir? The Twitterverse Speaks! Woof!

One of the best perks in life as a wine dog is licking wine off the floor of the winery. Yum! And, though my palate is somewhat immature given the relatively small amounts made and therefore relatively small amounts spilled at Styring, I have developed a fondness for elegant Oregon Pinot Noir nonetheless. (

Occasionally, guests will drop cheese or sneak a cracker to me when the Wine Wife isn't looking, but by-and-large I'm on my own to forage the forest or compost pile for accompaniments for that very nice wine. In fact, the Wine Wife will insist that THE BEST pairing with a Fine Pinot Noir is Excellent Company, I PREFER FOOD! Woof! Sooooo, when pondering what really would pair best with a fine Oregon Pinot Noir, I reached out to my Twitter Peeps (1800+ Tweeps follow me now @mollythewinedog ) for advice on what they (you!) would recommend. And, here's what they (you!) said.

Grilling was a consistent theme, specifically grilling of game or meats with distinct gamey flavors like:

- lamb
- duck
- rabbit
- guinea hen
- venison
- bacon (after my heart, literally - mwah!)

Here are the postings so you can see the details and imagination for yourself:

@vinifera says "so many good things. I'm a sucker 4 grilled salmon w/a gd Pinot;lamb loin, cave-aged gruyere. :-)

@estheribrown and @scottgold say "spicy lamb merguez w harissa & yellow couscous w gldn raisins&cilantro "

@TourismRichmond says "I'm thinking a new rosemary braised lamb shank w/roasted beets & new fingerling potatoes"

@SauvignonBlonde says "how about Rabbit, braised or in a stew, if can't get rabbit, or guinea hen, slow cooked!" << mmm...I wuv wabbit!

@ChefBobtheCB says "Pan seared sweetn'heat rubbed duck breast; ... bourbon/blackberry demi;blu cheese polenta; frizzled sweet potatoes& bacon" << OMG you ARE trying to KILL me! or cook for me! decide!

@DineOut_TMouse says "I would pick butterfly lamb, and great company. Followed by dessert...mmmmmm dessert"< cheers to the great company! @b2bec says "Lamb or pork Mmmm. Hungry! But nice OR Pinot goes w just about everything. :)"<< couldn't agree more

@Calistoga_Rest we opened an Oregon pinot noir recently it was great with roast duck w/ raspberry sauce @claywallin says "rack of lamb, but I'd ask @anitrasings to prepare it while I tend to the #Oregonwine (nice idea)

@Releasenz Generally with venison or lamb. (though not Oregon Pinot - too bad - woof!)

@WinewithoutBS says "Roast Duck is hard to beat! Should also be great with Goose!" (awesome)

@LunabeanMedia says "What goes with Pinot Noir? BACON!" (so right! #bacon)

And CHICKEN, while not gamey, when roasted with rosemary, goat cheese or prepared in a Coq au Vin seems right to these folks:

@FleurWine says "roasted chicken with rosemary & garlic yum!" < nice...

@WineGuyMike Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Ricotta and Goat Cheese: < YUM!

@SommelierSara says "Oregon Pinot pairing? At this very moment I would love coq au vin <<>

Quite a few believe it takes a mighty find BEEF to hold up to the stamina of the Pinot Noir at Styring, here are some mouth-watering samples:

@RJFlamingo says "I'd srv a fine Oregon Pinot with my oven-braised brisket & roasted root veggies & good friends (roasted friends? hmm... that's new!)

@jeffreypjacobs says "I am thinking bone-in NY Strip would go well with a fine Oregon Pinot!" << when's dinner?

@amgmtgroup says "Made these last nite -" steak tenderloin bruschetta << and served with Oregon Pinot < yummy!

@FrankLovesWine says "I like a juicy pork chop w/my pinot. Styring has an impressive selection" why thanks! woof!

SEAFOOD was also a popular recommendation, in many forms, but tending toward dishes high in flavor profile like Salmon and even some I'd never heard of. And @heavywhisper sent a link to his blog for his elegant Baja Fish Tacos, complete with beautiful photographs step by step:

@ChefBobtheCB says "grilled Ivory salmon w/a fricassee of shiitake mushrooms; asparagas tips & smoked cherry tomatoes;thyme beurre rouge << hmmm...yum! fricasee! woof! *chases tail in circles*

@KristinDTrevino A perfect match with an Oregon Pinot is fresh Dungeness Crab from the #Oregon #Coast w/ Cesear Salad and Sourdough Bread

@Cork_and_Bottle says "How about grilled salmon w/a lemon sauce, or light beef filet?anything w/a red sauce"

@russelt01 says "Wild salmon grilled on cedar plank or over alder wood" << babe, i'll be right over! woof!

@KristinDTrevino says "Oregon Pinot paired with sauteed dungeness crab at Jake's Famous Crawfish House!" << yes! even better cause we don't have to catch and cook the little buggers.

@piercearrow33 says "Boiled crawfish " << MUDBUGS! AWESOME IDEA!

@hangoverbeard says "good Norwegian Cod Fish Souffle. But then again, I'm biased to anything cod fish :)" @Sarita_Moreno says "Salmon with rosemary with a nice glass of Oregon Pinot - delicious, simple, elegant." < yum

I received a few full-blown recipes, like @yoavblueyes (who now resides at @etherealblues) send an amazing recipe for "Cholent" or "Chunt" that you simply must, must, must try with or without an Oregon Pinot Noir:

@yoavblueyes says "White beans & chicken peas(dry & soaked ovenight), osso buco, potatos(peeled),eggs (boiled like 5 minutes before add to the pot), 1 garlic head(cut a little o top).Meat on the bottom of the pot, beans 1 side chickpeas other potatos & pre-boiled eggs in the other corner of the pot. Pepper, salt, garlic powder & cumin. Fried the onion & garlic a little olive oil, pour over, low heat oven, 250 or so, and let cook forever. Voila...chunt and red wine. Nap after<< oh, she's so cute you can't believe it. and she can cook! even if she did freeze up tight when she saw Matt Damon at the Deli. LOL

Cholent sounds a lot like Cassoulet recommended by @WillMyDogHateMe but he wants "A fine Oregon cassoulet -- that is, one created in an Oregon restaurant!" << and WE AGREE!

Asian foods, particularly those with a high flavor profile, also received many recommendations:

@angelicinsights says "I like pinot noir w/ gyoza (Japanese Pot Stickers). I think it's the best red for asian foods... << most original!

@AusWineGuy To complement an Oregon Pinot Noir, I'd suggest something spicy like Thai - a great taste combination!

@loveygourmet says "I'd serve a Rack of Lamb encrused w/Black&White Sesame Seeds in a Hoisin Sauce w/a fine Oregon Pinot. How does that sound?" << So, this one is kinda best of both worlds -- lamb prepared with Asian flare.

Now for a smattering of other stuff: woof?

@canapes45 What doesn't go with Oregon Pinot? asparagus maybe or a artichoke

@debbieshing (thought we meant Pinot Gris) Check out my drool-worthy recipe for Soft-Boiled Egg Bruschetta alla Fiorentina: << the spinach and nuttiness is perfect for Styring Pinot Gris. yum!

@TEdison65 says "How about a gyro?" << well, get in the kitchen big boy and whip that up! woof!

AND Tedison is never short on ideas:

@TEdison65 says "Chicago-style deep dish heavy on the meats pizza." << DAWG you got style! woof!

@1stGlassDude says "How bout ANOTHER fine oregon pinot, cuz one isn't enough!" << runs in circles, woof

@SommelierSara says "Oregon Pinot pairing? At this very moment I would love sausage and peppers

one of our favorite musicians @NoelDavila says " I love cheese with my wine. What cheese? Not sure. I'm not exactly a connoisseur. ;)" << woof! good enough for me!

@sarah_gore says "@MollyTheWineDog i say just drink the bottle and problem solved :)" (we like your style Sarah)

@kimgeralds says "fine pint of Haagen Daz vanilla or a very fine cigar. Or both." (YUM! your place or mine?)


@smittytabb says "Any Alpo flavors that would go equally well? Woof to you!" (we DO NOT eat canned dog food!)


@wineguymike paired Styring Pinot Noir with a very fine Red Velvet Cupcake. THAT'S inspired! See the blog link below! Thanks Mike!

@wineguymike Styring paired with Red Velvet Cupcakes (are you kidding me? delicious!) @wineguymike 's blog:

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