Friday, April 24, 2009

All My World's a Smell

The wine man is moving wine from barrels to tanks today in preparation for bottling in the morning. The sludge in the bottom of the barrel is purply and thick pudding goo that mixes with water he's using to wash the barrels and sluices down the driveway. It makes me a little crazy with the funky, earthy, fruity stench mixed with mud and grass and mother earth. I'd roll in it if the wine wife wouldn't make me sleep outside. Shit.

I love smelling the wine going in and out of the barrels. It seems like a basic natural attraction. Stronger than just smelling something pleasing. Sadly, the hole in the barrel where you find this attraction is called the bung hole. This doesn't wreck it for me - it just makes it hard to make it appealing to you. It's a beautiful smell, really and if you don't want to try it because of the name, all the better - more for me. Snnniffff!!! Ahhh, that's the stuff....

Our neighbors have sheep and that's another smell I enjoy. Here's a picture of their best side. The smelly side.

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